Monthly Archives: February 2010

20 – The Phantom

Original by Paul Ryan and Tony DePaul Advertisements

19 – The Amazing Spiderman

Original by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber & Alex Saviuk

18 – Stone Soup

Original by Jan Eliot

17 – Hazel

Obvious, I know. But how could I not!? Original by Ted Key

16 – Dennis The Menace

Original Created by Hank Ketcham, Drawn by Marcus Hamilton & Ron Ferdinand

15 – Sally Forth

Original by Francesco Marciuliano; drawn by Craig Macintosh

14 – Hagar The Horrible

(Click to Enlarge) Original by Chris Browne

13 – Apartment 3-G

(Click to Enlarge) Original by Frank Bolle and Margaret Shulock

12 – Hi and Lois

(Click to enlarge) Original by Greg & Brian Walker, Drawn by Chance Browne