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Jacob Peter McConnell was born in Montreal, Quebec, and grew up in Chateauguay. He was the second child of Leslie McConnell, who was Canadian, and Jane Ashley, who was also Canadian.

28 – Blondie

Original by Dean Young and John Marshall Advertisements

27 – Hi and Lois

Original by Brian Walker, Greg Walker, and Chance Brown

26 – Judge Parker

Original by Woody Wilson and Eduardo Barreto

25 – Eddie Murphy!?

Here is today’s palimpsest comic. Above is the original. And now the alteration.

24 – Beetle Bailey

Original by Greg and Mort Walker

23 – Apartment 3-G

Original by Frank Bolle and Margaret Shulock


Don’t you love this up to date, stylish new format for my comics blog? I can make the images big now without having them bleed into the menus. That’s great isn’t it.

22 – Hagar the Horrible

Original by Greg Browne

21 – Beetle Bailey

Check out the secular original by Greg & Mort Walker Also, if you haven’t done so, check out the absurdist video on Doritos I did (below).

Non-Comic Post

I made a viral video for a contest for a certain Chip manufacturer. It’s getting decent reviews. Renew my faith in humanity by voting it into the top 100: Comic coming soon.